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Dance to prevent falls

Every year, 30% of adults aged 65 and over, and 50% of those over 80 suffer falls, and a significant number of these will lead to a fracture. Fractures become more dangerous as we get older as they make mobility, eating properly and social interactions even more difficult than usual and can push some more frail adults over the edge. We need to work to keep our balance, suppleness and agility the best they can be. Some may argue that trying to dance is just increasing the risk of a fall, but it's a vicious circle: the less we move, the quicker we lose muscle mass, coordination and strength.

This study from Switzerland is very encouraging - the researchers have looked at the results of 29 randomised clinical trials comparing dancers with the same age group following their normal activities. They found that the risk of falling was 37% lower for the dancing groups. They also mention the improved balance and body strength in dancers (lower body).

So... take great care to choose your