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Ageing starts when we stop moving

This article, published by research groups in the USA, points out that ageing starts a lot sooner than we tend to think, and that this process is linked to a lack of physical activity.

We don't need scientists to point out that age is visible in body posture and movement - young children, adolescents, young, middle aged and old adults all have very typical ways of moving. Even from a distance we can instantly judge people's mobility. And we believe that it has to decrease over time, but this is probably more to do with modern habits than physiology.

Our lifestyle makes us believe that sitting all day is ok and bent posture, stiff joints and painful movements are normal.

It is not ok and they are not normal.

Every hour we spend without doing complex movement is taking us a bit further along the ageing path, un-necessarily!

Start your body lift right now by subscribing to the Click and Dance YouTube channel to get all of our videos as they are published so that you can give your body a youth-break for 2 minutes, several times a day.

Aim for 30 videos/Week.

It's never too little or too late to make a difference.

Key Points from the article:

  • "Midlife women do not meet guidelines for physical activity participation for a variety of reasons, missing out on the proven physical and mental health benefits.

  • Evidence suggests that the disablement process begins in midlife when women have multiple decades to live.

  • Recent studies link physical activity to reduced declines in physical functioning in midlife women.

  • Providing messages about the benefits of moving may shift the needle on participation, changing the trajectory not only for disablement but chronic disease.

  • Future work should expand on exploring the role of reproductive aging beyond solely chronological aging in midlife."


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