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Introducing Spoonful of Felicity: Healthy’s never tasted so happy!

I might shock you: green vegetables make you happier!

I know. Greens?! Let’s take a step back. Mens sana in corpore sano: a healthy mind in a healthy body; this is often quoted in reference to exercising but what we eat is also important in keeping our body healthy. And food plays as big a role on keeping a healthy mind as exercise.

Coffee is high in caffeine. Therefore, drinking coffee makes you feel more awake, we all know this! But, many other unsuspected foods also have a big impact: did you know that cabbage is high in folate which supports the production of serotonin and therefore a feeling of happiness and serenity? Not only that, but it contains these very special compounds called glucosinolates which give it a horrible smell but have been proven to prevent certain types of cancer.

Every season brings its own wonderful ingredients full of nutrients and special unique compounds to impact our mood!

If you’re on this website, it’s probably because you’re interested in staying healthy and feeling good. Click and Dance allows you to do this through the power of movement and coordination. But to feel good, you need both movement and food! This is where I hope to come in.

My name is Felicity Vincent. Aside from being a woman who loves to cook and eat, I’m a trained chef who worked in several kitchens after graduating from the Cordon Bleu Paris. Just cooking food wasn’t enough for me though, I was keen to understand the magic behind the curtain and went on to study Food Science and Nutrition at University of Nottingham. I learnt a lot about what food is made of and how it interacts with our body.

After four years working as a product developer for a blue chip company, I’ve decided to devote myself to my passion: developing nutritious recipes that help everyone live a happier lifestyle through delicious food. And bonus, it’s better for the planet too!

If you like the look of the recipes below then check out my website:

What to expect:

  • I share a free newsletter every week all about the benefits of certain ingredients on your mood and health.

  • 1 new feel-good seasonal recipe every week.

  • Paid subscribers also get an additional free recipe and ‘how to’ video each week, as well as an extra deep dive into how ingredients impact your mood and wellbeing.


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