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Dance for body shape

Nothing to do with counting calories! Two important aspects of dance as a physical activity that make it different from anything else are Posture and Seduction - in other words, the aim of this type of exercise is to look good whilst you're actually doing it as well as afterwards. Dance is the sport that trains you up to look your best.


  • Firstly there's the effect on body development of the postures, poses and positions that you are constantly working on when you dance. The stretches and isolations we apply in ballroom dancing are all designed to build a beautiful body shape.

  • Secondly, the complicated foot movements will work on your balance and suppleness - two qualities that will improve your posture and general movement and keep you looking young.

  • Thirdly, the different body parts, including muscles but also organs such as the intestines, fat cells and the lungs, instead of being squashed up in a bent position, will be able to produce the messages that allow the body to work in harmony with the brain so that your natural weight controlling processes can work better. The more often we move our bodies into dance mode, the easier it is for the brain to understand body needs like hunger and sleep that play important roles in body weight control.

Three good reasons to start on click and dance.

Remember what the wise woman said about New Year Resolutions -

"Starting a new habit is doing something just once at a given time and place. But you have to actually do it ".


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